3 Great Cultural Breaks in Europe on a Budget

By | May 10, 2023

There are many different types of holidaymaker, from those who enjoy nothing more than lounging on a beach to those whose vacation is not complete without trying out an exciting new sport such as water-skiing or mountain climbing. There are also those who enjoy discovering the culture and history of different destinations, exploring museums and visiting ancient monuments.Unfortunately this latter type of holiday has traditionally come at a price – many of the world’s best cultural gems are often either major tourist attractions that charge a premium price, or are capital cities where the cost of everyday leaving is elevated. With that said, there are certainly more than a few great cultural breaks in Europe that are available on a budget.One of the most interesting places to visit is Amsterdam in the Netherlands, which unfortunately has a reputation as only being a party city where groups of friends escape for the weekend to discover the city’s famous coffee shops. In reality, however, this hotspot makes for a fantastic cultural break that can be enjoyed by all of the family.Amsterdam is first and foremost a city of immense culture and history, with a thriving artistic scene. It is well worth discovering as a solo traveller, couple or even by booking one of many all inclusive family holidays here. For Brits, the city is a mere stone’s throw from the UK, making it an excellent budget option.Perhaps surprisingly, there are many top family attractions in Amsterdam, including the Science Centre Memo, the Artist Royal Zoo and the Amsterdam Dungeon. Many of these attractions are included in all inclusive family holidays, meaning that there is something for both adults and kids in this fascinating, multi-faceted destination.The next European cultural gem on a budget is the country of Greece, which has arguably the most impressive and fascinating history out of all the European countries. Although many of the Greek islands are renowned party destinations, there are many deals for solo travellers, couples and all inclusive family holidays here too – all for very low prices.Athens, Delphi, Crete, Hera lion and the Peloponnese all make for fascinating adventures through the country’s history, with archaeological tours, cultural festivals and sumptuous cuisine. There are also plenty of beach resorts for those who enjoy their share of sun, sea and sand, with quieter or livelier spots depending on the preferences of holidaymakers.Whereas capital cities such as Paris and Berlin are wonderful but have a hefty price tag, there are lesser-explored capitals that are less expensive to visit and just as interesting. One of these is Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, which offers everything that any holidaymaker could ever want from a city break – sea, sand, sunny weather, and a rich history and culture just waiting to be discovered.The city itself was once a strong European maritime power base, and as a result has anenchantingmedieval quarter, plenty of museums and several world class palaces. Whereas it is famous for being a very friendly city, it is also very lively, and cultural explorers can enjoy a wealth of Portuguese music, performances and cuisine here.For those who are active holidaymakers, there are biking and hiking trails along the coast, as well as water sports to enjoy here. The Portuguese food is also sumptuous, and as far as transport goes, there are cheap flights here from many other cities in Europe.Soaking up some culture in Europe does not have to be expensive – and it is certainly not necessary to hit the tourist hotspots for an impressive experience. Enjoy Amsterdam’s more sophisticated side, travel to some of Greece’s most epic locations, and discover one of the continent’s most underrated capital cities – all on a surprisingly small budget.