Free iPad – The Truth Behind the Gadget

By | May 5, 2023

So, who wants a free iPad?We all do of course. The iPad announcement delivered great news to all of the Apple geeks and converts out there, of which I include myself. By now, the majority of people have either tried out, or own an iPhone, an iPod – and maybe even larger Apple gadgets such as an iMac or Apple TV.Even if the iPad does just seem to be an oversized iPhone, it will be sure to become one of the must have gadgets of 2010 and beyond. As a tablet computer, the iPad probably offers little more than other devices already on the market, but as with most Apple products, it’s the added extras that will make the iPad so desirable, and makes the offer of getting a free one even greater.Since its announcement, the internet has gradually become saturated with free iPad offers and promises. Many of these appear genuine, but I can assure you, most are not. The promise of a free gadget of this value is not one to jump at – when you read the small print, it soon becomes obvious that the ‘free’ offer will actually end up costing something in the long term, and usually far more than the iPad would have cost in the first place!As far as I am aware (and I am very experienced in receiving free gadgets online), there are three ways to get an iPad for nothing. One is to steal it and is obviously not recommended or endorsed! The second is to wait a while until you can get one as an incentive for taking out a very expensive cell phone contract! The third is to partake in a referral based advertising scheme, and this is how I receive at least one free gadget a week.There are many of these affiliate based sites around, a quick search on Google for ‘ free iPad ‘ will probably reveal at least 20-30 – but how do you know which can be trusted? The answer is that you can’t. At least not until you have received your first gadgets.Luckily, there are some very well established and trusted sites out there serving customers all over the world.With these trusted and proven free gadgets sites all you need to do for your free gadget is sign up, complete one (just one) partner offer – and lots are free trials – and refer a few others. Once you have referred a certain number of others you will be sent the gadget of your choice.Using this method, I have amassed a small fortune through reselling, or just taking the cash value of the gadgets, and now I pass on this valuable, and well-kept, eBay sellers secret to all of you – so you too can begin to profit from this e-venture.