Freelance Writing Jobs From Home – When Casual Fridays Takes on a Whole New Meaning

By | April 16, 2023

Times Are Tough All Over, Or So They Tell MeIf you’ve been looking for freelance writing jobs from home you might be a bit surprised at the volume of opportunities there are today. However if you’re a veteran ad copy guy who boogied through the ’80s and ’90s bringing in untold fortunes while you played office hockey, you have my sincere sympathy.Here’s the thing, with the internet bringing the global market to each of our fingertips as well as these current economic crises, smart companies are looking to outsource their copy writing jobs to help defray marketing costs without decreasing their efforts.So as we can all mourn for yesterday’s ad exec’s lost fortunes, we can also (while trying to maintain a somber countenance, of course) take full advantage of the situation like any self-respecting entrepreneur would. Never before have their been so many opportunities to find great freelance writing jobs from home. From home! Like, in your pajamas or underwear or….well let’s just leave it there.The smartest thing you as a freelance copy writer can to do is to remind those big companies, by any means necessary, what happens when a business backs off of their marketing campaigns during economic recessions. Remind them how the studies show that businesses who ramp up or maintain their marketing efforts during a recession enjoy, on average, over 250% growth during that time and take off like wild fire when the recovery period finally comes.In contrast, companies who pull back the reigns on their marketing budgets not only enjoy a markedly slower growth rate, less than 19%, they also have an uphill climb once the recovery is in full swing.Okay, it might sound a teensy weensy bit like extortion maybe, but you’re really only offering them the hard facts. But let’s face it, you’re only offering them the cold hard facts. They should thank you, or at least pay you something.But what if you’ve never tried to look for freelancing writing jobs from home? Where can you turn? Who should you call? Well, try checking out sites like Freelancer and Elance. These are both excellent sources for finding freelance work and the sites act as a third party to protect both you and your clients. For no investment at all save a little time, you can start working your way up the ladder in PJs and booties. Just make sure your slippers have slip resistant strips on the bottom. My back STILL hurts from running, um sliding, to get to the phone last week. World’s softest socks…not when you fall on your bum.